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Staying Productive From Home

Conquering the almighty To-Do List is a feat for anyone! Especially for those being pulled 10 different directions; work, school, family, friends, church, clubs, community, volunteer, etc! It is ever perpetuating… and when anywhere but an office is your “work space” the job comes with its own special challenges and perks! Whether you’re a mom or a business professional, when you don’t have a designated work schedule or routine it takes extra discipline to make it all happen! When we get overwhelmed, it can be easy to start letting things fall through the cracks, especially with no one in the immediate vicinity to keep you accountable… & for some of us, when we let ourselves get too stressed out trying to make it all happen – its will all fall through the cracks anyway! Whatever type you are, there are good practices to keep it all calm cool & under control. One of my favorite blogs is the from the guys at Work Shifting. They are full of great resources for improving performance.  Here are my favorite tips for having a fantastic day from home!

Staying Productive At Home:

Have Quiet Time! – If you don’t allow yourself time to focus and settle your spirit, that morning cup of coffee will be nothing but fuel for chaos. Remind yourself of your intent, and come to peace with whatever outcomes the day may bring.

Have Think Time! – Plan. Prepare. Succeed! If I don’t write it down… it may as well not exist… List don’t work for some people (I’m actually kind of one of those people). However, everyone can benefit from a good plan. Just take a few deep breaths and allow yourself to think of the things you really NEED to do, let go of the rest… or worry about it another time. Organizing your thoughts and setting a few (achievable) goals will take your day further than you ever thought it could go!

The Computer is for Working! – … we have all been sucked into the social media black hole… addicted to our inbox refresh buttons… lost in utter Pinterest oblivion!!! Solution?!?! While you are “working” – the computer is only for work. Don’t even have your social media sites open in extra tabs… Can’t fathom going the day without it? Limit social media usage to your phone. It is usually slower and has less features than its non mobile counterpart and you will spend less time aimlessly wandering… Plus, this will make for less time at your computer & more time doing something else!!

TV is the Devil! – So we don’t have cable (best decision ever), but I admit it… I’m a background TV junkie… I’m usually home alone and I like to have something on… but I must be ever so careful… one good episode and I’ve forgotten what I’m doing, I’m power-streaming,  and 3 episodes later I’ve eaten a whole bag of walnuts. Solution. Only have the TV on if you can be effectively be doing something else productive at the same time. For me, its cleaning! It makes those mundane chores and task a treat! I can cook and clean in range of my tube & it really does make these various task less mundane. If you can go without it all together, more power to you!

Eat Well & Exercise! – … Sorry, but you don’t have time NOT to-do these things!! They are the easiest to bump off the list, but they cost you the most in the long run! I promise, invest here and you will have more energy, a clearer mind, and a better attitude all day! You will be amazed how it helps you get things done!

Get Some Sun! – Or something fun! … whatever picks you up! Give yourself a power break! Go sit in the sun for a few minutes, take a quick walk, do a few sun salutations… whatever will boost your energy! You must allow yourself moments to recharge throughout the day. I promise, your productivity will increase & if it doesn’t… you will have a better attitude to deal with it! :-)

Happy “Work Shifting!”


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