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Farmers Fresh CSA

My husband and I have been striving to support Sustainable, Organic, Local, and Ethical agriculture since the day we were married. As with everything in life, it has been a growing process. Today we were evaluating our current choices…

All of our meat has been coming from local free range, grass fed, organic, local farms. We have also tried to purchase as much additional animal and vegetable products from the same sources. However, we had still not made the commitment to remain mostly local. Conventional ‘grocery store’ items have been (to our knowledge) non-GMO and organic. Yet, keeping our foot in the door with conventional options has obviously allowed us LOTS of room to let things slide. Today, we decided to step up our SOLE food commitment and joined Farmers Fresh CSA. To read more about the ‘why’, check out this article regarding Organic vs. Local.

Farmers Fresh CSA

By working with over 50 small growers and producers from East AL and West GA, Farmers Fresh CSA is able to provide a wide assortment of seasonal vegetables, fruits and herbs every week. Not to mention free-range grass-fed meat and dairy products, breads, and special gourmet upgrades to your weekly pick up.

For your health and wellbeing, a SOLE food approach is a must in regard to your family’s nutrition. I look forward to sharing goodies from our weekly pick up and what I decide to do with it! Knowlege is power, learn more today!

Farmers Fresh CSA

Food Renegade

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